Yachts, ships and boats

Experience from freedom, unrestrained, head to the sea or river. Drift on the waves and sail where you just want to. How nice these words sound…It can not be just a dream. Yachts are no longer the privilege of the rich, nor a symbol of profligacy. You can not be an owner of huge luxury yachts to allow adventures and new experiences in your free time. We sell yachts which you can easily divert to the sea in Croatia or wherever else you can go by a car. We are exclusie dealer of Italian yachts Aquabat for Central Europe. It does not matter if you are a fishermen, sporty adventurers, or you prefer a quite cruise. We will find you optimal vessel.



Engine boats

Boat engines and accessories for yachts

What would be a yacht without a quality boat engine. Never pretend on water without quality boat engine. If you have larger ship, boat or yacht, you will need higher power. We will offer you optimal solution thanks to some synchronized hanging engines. We sell boat engines of these brands.

  • Boat engines Yamaha
  • Boat engines Honda
  • Boat engines Suzuki

In additions to the engines we offer a variety of accessories, such as boat trailers. To each boat we offer different boat trailer. All information you can find in the individual vessels. Sales of yachts also includes expert assistance with their selection and possibly proposal of optimum drive. Write, call, we can help.