AQUABAT 24 CABIN is an ideal ship from AQUABAT company for people who want to relax on sea. It is more comfortable ship than any other in the same lenght. It contains many luxury details and your ship will be in the centre stage of all seaports.

It was made to have everything just for relax on water. There is a kitchenette with a gas cooker, a sink, a separate cabin with chemical WC. Comfortable hydraulic boat steering and captain seat is included in standard.


  • Length:                                 751 cm
  • Width:                                   255 cm
  • Weight:                                 1700 kg
  • Sea gauge:                           30 cm
  • Number of people:             8
  • Number of people:             150 – 250 HP
  • Length of leg engine:          X = 635 mm / 25“

Standard accessories:

  • Storage compartment in the bow of the boat
  • Complete cushions and pillows on the bow of the boat
  • Rear padded bench / seat
  • Hooks to tie boats in front and rear
  • Control Console
  • Steering the captain’s chair
  • Second chair
  • Opening windows in the cabin
  • Gas cooker and sink-
  • Shower in the back boat side, water tank 45l
  • Lockable cabin door
  • Stern with boat ladder
  • Stern platform with engine braked
  • Bilge pump to pump water out
  • Rod holder
  • Steering wheel control
  • Electric control panel
  • Shaft 360 on the holder in the back boat side, white version
  • Navigation lights on the side of boat
  • Bow plate from stainless steel
  • Anchor compartment for the anchor chain
  • Coloured line above the draft line around the whole boat length
  • Fuel tank / for 120l stainless steel / for 90l plastic 
  • A large number of storage compartments on the sides of the ship
  • Telescopic ladder for coming to water from the rear platform
  • Toilet room separate
  • Chemical Toilet
AccessoriesSelling price including VAT
Compass170 €
Built – in refrigerator under sink 42l, power 12/24V 1 230 €
Stereo KENWOOD 4x50W s CD a USB + 4* repro 120W 740 €
Electric system 230V, socket for shore connection, inverter 230V/12V, battery charger 12V1 240 €
Voltage converter 12V to 230V / 1000W660 €
Roll bar in fiberglass version2 460 €
Coloured hull / standard white version1 240 €
Camping cover with transparent side3 320 €
Hull cover to transport or winter storage or stay1 000 €
Aluminium BIMINI800 €
Stainless steel BIMINI1 060 €
Electric anchor 500W, steel chain 25m length 1 860 €
Electrical Toilet1 000 €
Lux Cushions set740 €
Recommended boat enginesSelling price including VAT
The price of hanging outboard engine is valid just with your right boat order.
Installation of an outboard engine will be determined by the type of ship engine.



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