Boats and Yachts

Yacht, it is an adventure and a pleasure from cruise! Enjoy the wonderful feeling when you are tearing round the surface, or just gently bobbing on the waves. Nowadays to have own ship is not something unavailable, nor a sign of profligacy. You do not have the most expensive yacht, and you can still enjoy a luxury cruise on the seas and in domestic waters. Yachts that we sell, will never betray you and always reach your destination. We offer not only a wide variety of vessels of different capacity, but also to your request they will be fitted by top propulsion engines.





We sell cabin and an open yacht AQUABAT company. These quiet cruising boats has cruised the Croatian and Italian coast for many years. They are renowned for their elegance, reliability and low weight. It is easy to transport them wherever you want, even by car.



Outboard engines Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki



We sell marine engines Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki. If you are looking for quality and cheap petrol engines for both smaller and larger vessels, we are here for you. You can find our outboard motors with high durability and reliability, which have different power outputs and are suitable for fishing boats, fire-fighting vessels and recreational boats. All types comply with emission limits for sale in the Czech Republic and Europe and therefore you will not have any trouble with their signing or operation. Do you need help with the selection of engine Outboard? We are happy to advise you.